It's difficult to judge just from photos - IceJoan says movement is so important in skate-fashion! - but she couldn't make it to Skate the Nation. Here's a retrospective in photos. (Thanks to Andrea D and Hoo for the photos)
Josee blows them all away in blue and wins the best lady of her tour award. She has such an incredible body and this wrap-top and short skirt shows her confidence in her physique. Not only is it a wonderful color for her but she shows it off really well. Sparkles!

IceJoan says, John Zimmerman you are so hot it almost doesn't matter what you wear. But, when you wear this one, we're all jealous of Sylvia. Nice color and cut to the shirt.

A Standing O for Angelika! Her dress is truly amazing. She has such a wonderful sense with all of her dresses. The fuller short skirt accentuates her long legs and the v-cut bodice lengthens her upper body. It's truly marvelous -- even the funky cut-outs. IceJoan says, If only Oleg wasn't wearing...whatever that is that he's wearing.

Brian exhibits a truly great look. He looks his best as The Man in Black. IceJoan says, I love the sparkles!

Almost but not quite.... IceJoan says, Nearly perfect, Jayson, but did your tailor use a measuring tape? It's all about the fit, and this one doesn't!

The dress that just keeps on giving.... IceJoan says Kyoko, what are you thinking? The illusion just really needs to cool down. And the strips of fabric for the skirt? ICK!

Brian...what's with the splatter paint? IceJoan says, You aren't a house-painter so why look like one?

IceJoan says, Maria, I expect more from you -- you are a designer!